10 Reason to Your Website Ingnor Visitors


There’s a big problem of less traffic on your site even your site have good content.Increase traffic , attract audience to make your blog successful is not so easy. Some bloggerslose hope in doing so , this post is mainly for them . I will tell you about ten reasons that why visitors ignore your blog instead of read and like it. Many people asked me to make a post on it .They tell me that have unique posts and even after promoting their blogs they can’t get traffic on their sites. Actually , quality content , promotion of your blog ,and backlink are not sufficient for increasing traffic on your blog.There can be  more other limitations  which forced visitors to leave your site. But if you overcome these limitations , your site will definitely get more traffic than before. The ten main reasons why visitors ignore or leave your site instead of read and liking are as under:

1- Website isn’t mobile friendly

Today’s mobile users are more than desktop users.If your website is not mobile friendly so you can’t get more traffic on your site and so if you have mobile friendly website your website get more attention.So your site should be 100% mobile friendly and have flexible size which can be fit in any size of screen.There should be no use of zoom in and zoom out of screen. After making your site mobile friendly ,make sure it on friendly test tool  that is it works properly or not. Along with this your site should be user friendly and SEO friendly so that your site get top rank in Google search engine.

2- Your website is too slow

Be sure that your site is not too slow. It is very important for visitors and search engine that your site must be speed up .Today users have not more time and live in 5G era so if your site is slow no one wants to open it. And mostly people like those websites which open in two seconds. Now make your blogging fast loaded so that your site can get more traffic and likes. Atleast home page should be open very fast. Visitors ignore those sites which takes too much time to open.If your site is delayed one second to open it loss 8% traffic on your site.

3- Your website have many pop-ups

If you have too many pop-ups , then you have less traffic on your website.Users get distracted with pop-ups. I know pop-up is important for conversion but users dislike your site. It is due to unjudiciously use of pop-ups.You can use judiciously pop-ups without harming SEO on your site.But I suggest you not  to use pop-ups and if want to then use minimum pop-ups. If you want to use pop-ups then follow these three tips : 1- add easy option for dismiss the pop-ups. 2- hide the pop-ups for returning  visitors. 3- show the contents for some seconds before showing pop-ups. Many users don’t like to see pop-ups in their favourite websites and I will tell you that Google don’t allow the pop-ups. Never use sticky pop-ups or that pop-ups which can’t be dismissed.

 4- Design of website is over attractive

Audience visit website for reading content and it’s only a reason of their visiting the site.But if you site is overloaded with GIFs or animation, visitors get distracted .They need clear content which they can read without any disturbance.You need to present your content very clearly and pleasantly. This is obvious that attractive site attract first time visitors but when they distract in reading the content they used to ignore your site. I will tell you about some tips for web designing: * Keep your web design simple. ** Use white background and use black colour of text or font. * Use less slides and ads. ** Use 16px to 18px font size. *** Use bold font style rather than stylish fonts because stylish fonts are hard to read. ** Use animation and gifs on only home page. So these are the tips. Visitors like attractive and beautiful designs but only first time and when they continuously visit they get bored .So avoid this and use simple design for your website.

5- Auto playing video and audio

Many visitors get uncomfortable when they open your website in public places if your ads are music filtration.I personally get very frustrated when I am visiting any site for any information and ads are come in audio or video formats.It completely disturbing us from the blog. It doesn’t mean that nobody like to listen music or watching videos but everything have separate time. One will focus on one thing at a time .So always keep your blog free from audio or video ads. Sometimes many tabs are open in your phone and you have to pause the music ads , really it is very difficult  and users directly close the website rather than music ads and never visited your website again.So never add auto playing audio , video or music ads in your blog. Believe me maximum internet users are bother with this. Always make auto music ads free blogs in your website.

 6- Having too many ads

Every blogger needs expenses for running their website.But it doesn’t mean that you full your website with many ads. This is also a big reason of less traffic on your website.” Excess of everything is bad ” so don’t full your blog with many ads. You place  ads in your website so that users have not any problem with those and can read content very easily and carefully without any disturbance.If you place too many ads in your website it seems that your website is only create to earn .

7- Website isn’t secure

If your website is not secure then it effect your traffic on website. A new visitor can leave your site by seeing not secure who is not aware of HTTPS or HTTP . Mostly websites are open with https and you can see our website learningdigitaltips also open with http.It means this site is encrypted and we use SSL certificate on it. I am telling you that https sites are more secure than http site and gives visitors a confidence to visit mainly when they have to make payments or online transaction through debit card, credit card, etc for online purchases . If you don’t enable https to your website till now then do it.

8- logo and images of website are not perfect

If the image and logo of your website is so boring than visitors ignore your site.First impression is more effective so always use a perfect logo or image for your website.Image is a big part of any blog or site .One image is equal to thousand words.If you use high quality image than your quality also seem to be attractive. Users mainly attract by seeing good image .And a good in your image makes your post more better. Never use low quality image , third party images,and unusual images.Always use professional images so that everyone thinks that you are a professional blogger and visit your site again and again.

 9- Website have not good content

Main reason of visitors to visit your site is to read content .A website is important for only its content. Visitors visit your site only for reading content. If they  don’t get   effective content they never visit again on that site.So your site should have unique and useful content. More the effective content more will be visitors and also wait for your next post.Never share duplicate content and if you do then you also have to pay panalty to google. Forbade your site to repeat other’ s sites content. Always give useful , unique and best information to your visitors. Write your post by giving headings so that users never  get  bored.

10- Website homepage have not enough content

Any visitor when visit your site  open the homepage and definitely see it .The visitors tried to understand your website by reading your homepage.Users wants site name, tagline, navigation menu, footer content, footer credit links etc on your website homepage.If visitors didn’t get all this they leave your site.So always put all these in your website homepage.This will increases the traffic on your site. Thus all these are the reason of less traffic on your website . Blogging is not so easy but it you seriously work on it , it seems to be effective.Always tried to make better your blog. Hope you like this post and if you like this post share it with your friends   on social media sites