EA Anthem’s common world magazine had a weak launch. To be horrible, the terrible technical performance and the poor story narrative, the hymn is, for the absence of a better term, EA’s Fallout 76. It turns out that the reason for many of Anthem’s issues was the use of the engine Frostbite. The Frostbite engine is EA’s patented technology, developed by Dice-studio after the Battlefield franchise and Mirror Edge. With the publisher who decided to open Frostbite in all of his games, including FIFA, resulted in Anthem’s suffering, as it was not a motor built to suit the needs of such a game.

EA freezing engine to blame for the launch of anthem’s hymn

“Freezing freezing is like a home engine with all the problems it involves – is poorly documented, hacked together, and so on – with all the problems of an external source engine,” said a former BioWare employee at talk with Kotaku. you actually work with designing it so you do not know why this works as it does, why it’s called as it is. “

It did not help things that were stuffed with such issues as making it impossible to fix the bugs in a timely manner.

“If you need a week to make a small bug fix, it discourages people from fixing bugs,” said a person who worked at Anthem. “If you can hack around it, you hack around it, compared to proper regulation.” Said a second: “I would say that the biggest problem I had with Frostbite was how much steps you had to do something basic. With another engine I could do something myself, maybe with a designer. Here’s a complicated thing. “

“It’s quite difficult to make a game,” said a third BioWare developer. “It’s very tough to make a game where you have to fight your set all the time.”

To make things even worse, Anthem’s leadership ruled against reuse technology that was created for Dragon Age: Inquisition or Mass Effect: Andromeda. Two games that also used the Frostbite engine. According to Kotaku’s report, due to Anthem that is always an online game, these systems may not have been translated normally.

“At the end of the project we began to complain,” said a developer. “Maybe we would have gone further if we had Dragon Age: Inquisition stuff, but we’re just complaining about the lack of workforce in general.”

Plus, Anthem’s development team felt there was no staffing, being a part of the size of what games Destiny and The Division have. The reason for being, EA raised a large part of its programmers from BioWare to adjust FIFA, which accounts for a massive share of its revenue.

“Many really talented engineers were working on FIFA when they had to work at Anthem,” a person who was on the project said.

In addition to being a poor quality game, there are a number of technical issues that result in the downfall of PS4 players. Probably because of its application of Frostbite.

As for a thread at the Anthem subreddit, Sony has offered reimbursements due to a number of technical issues that hinder the game.

“Sony is aware of the issue and is offering full reimbursement at Anthem, has not made any queries. It asked me 5 minutes,” a Redditor asserted.

“And they helped immediately, without a problem at all, just after they provided any information on the account after that, they needed, and then returned,” said another.

However, this does not seem to be the case for all users, with some claiming that Sony has refused reimbursements.

“I tried with Sony Support (chat) and a refund was denied,” a user said.

Now, however, Sony seems to be better equipped to handle these issues.

“After purchasing this type of content through the PlayStation Store, you have 14 days to purchase refund on your PlayStation Network wallet. If you started downloading or broadcasting the purchased content, you are not eligible for a refund unless the content is wrong, “reads the support page on the official PlayStation website. “To request a refund for Games, DLC, additional content, please contact PlayStation Support.”