It is very tough to decide which platform you need to buy a Mac or PC. Here both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. This all things depend on external factors, for example, what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. Like if you are using a Windows Phone, an Xbox One and all the other computers in your home are Windows PCs then you can buy PCs because it might be more convenient for you. And if you are using an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple TV then you can buy Mac.

Also if you use both environment Windows and Mac devices then it’s pretty easy to share data across devices. Now it is very easy to access Mac files from a Windows PC and vice versa. Ever if you are new to Mac OS then also ou can easy to user Mac OS because OS X has an equivalent for pretty much every feature in Windows.

List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

Mac Advantage Versus Windows Disadvantage

PC Advantage Versus Mac Disadvantage

Above are the best advantages and disadvantages for Mac and PCs. Here in this article, we are not saying one platform is better than the other because that is simply not true. If you are a college student and the only thing that matters to you is your budget, then a Mac will probably not be the best choice. Just about everyone has used Windows, so you pretty much know what you are getting in terms of software.

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