Samsung has found its number one market share position at India consumed by Xiaomi, at precisely the exact same manner it overtook Nokia several ages back. The business has attempted to reply in many distinct ways through time, but not many of its current low-cost offerings are aggressive enough in our evaluations and reviews. The Korean giant has utilized its youth-focused J-series and applications features like S Motorcycle Mode to deal with budget marketplace, but just can not compare to the huge displays, powerful chips, and tonnes of storage which Xiaomi and many others provide at exactly the very same rates.

Samsung Galaxy M20 design

Put simply, this mobile doesn’t seem or feel as any present Samsung phone. It is very generic and may pass for some thing from some of a few different producers. Over the usual criticism of Samsung however this says more about how small extent there is for identity when trimming a telephone’s features to this level of minimalism.

The largest departure from preceding Samsung layouts is that the waterdrop-style’Infinity-V’ notch on peak of the display, which can be just large enough for your front camera to fit right into. There’s a small chin in the base of the display — , if you put the Galaxy M20 along with Galaxy M10 side by side, you will notice they appear identical except the Galaxy M20 includes a taller display and thinner chin, to get a screen-to-body ratio surpassing 90 percent.

The side and top edges around the display do seem narrow, however, the sides of the telephone bulge considerably. This helps permit the earpiece to be put inside the framework, over the display notch. The proximity sensor will be on the left of this top notch and that positioning does not appear to have hurt its own performance.

The very fascinating thing about the Galaxy M20’s spec sheet is its own brand-new Exynos 7904 chip. This strangely named unit has been started less than fourteen days ago and has been created particularly for the worth smartphone section in India.

Samsung Galaxy M20 specifications and software

Samsung will use the very same chips across a great deal of versions, occasionally over the span of many decades. Because this is our initial encounter together with the Exynos 7904our benchmarks will inform us the way it competes from the Qualcomm and MediaTek versions which other producers in this section usage.
Samsung Galaxy M20 functionality, battery life, functionality and detectors

We did not have any difficulty working with the Samsung Galaxy M20 for daily tasks. Programs and mild games conducted with no problem, and now we multitask very heavily also. There was just the slightest sign of lag at the UI on infrequent events, but maybe not enough for people to be concerned about. Face recognition happened about another to operate occasionally, which was bothersome, however, the fingerprint detector was quite rapid.

The display is crisp and bright, with great viewing angles. Videos appeared great and matches such as Asphalt 9:Legends along with PUBG Mobile worked fine at moderate settings. We did believe the top back of the phone get somewhat warm while gambling, which isn’t ideal. Single-handed usage was somewhat hard, thanks to how big the telephone is and adjusting grip was occasionally awkward due to its weight.


Unlike a number of its existing rivals, Samsung has enormous brand energy. A good deal of people may have chosen other choices lately based on features and specifications, therefore having shut that gap, Samsung stands to recover a great deal of the clients it’s dropped. Purchasing a Samsung phone does not feel as a bet in the manner that it may with less recognized brands. The Korean monster is capitalising on this from its own Galaxy M-series advertising by underscoring its own massive support network, crossing 1,650 support centers around 6,000 talks around India.