Teen Patti Master APK : Friends, I know that all of you were looking for some teen patti game for the last several days. To end this search of yours, once again I am going to tell you about another best teen patti game. Friends, today in this article, we are going to tell you about the Rummy game, by using that Rummy game, you can not only entertain yourself, but you can earn from about ₹ 15000 to ₹ 20000 sitting at home. This application will prove to be very important for those people who are students or housewives.

By the way, today there would hardly be any youth who does not use Android Smartphone. All the people who use Android smartphones, you will definitely get to see mobile games in their smartphones. By the way, people play games to pass their time. But friends, if I tell you that you can earn income sitting at home while playing games, how would you feel? Many people will not believe this but believe me, today not only in India but there are many countries in the world where people are earning ₹ 50000 or more in a month just by playing Rummy game.


Teen Patti Master - Master Teen Patti Apk Download Earn ₹15000 | 3Patti Master

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What is The Teen Patti Master App

What is The Teen Patti Master App

All of you must be eagerly wanting to know that which is the game that will give us income sitting at home? Let me tell you the name of this best application is Teen Patti Master APK. This great application was launched on 25 February 2022 on the internet. Although it has been only about 6 months since this application was launched, but in these 6 months this application has completed about 5000000 downloads.

Inside Teen Patti Master APK, you will get a variety of Rummy games to play, including popular games like Dragon Vs Trager, Teen Patti, Ludo, Andar Bahar, 7 UP Down, Best Of Five.

Many options are also available to earn money inside this application. Inside the application, you can take advantage of all the features like monthly bonus, weekly bonus, VIP bonus, daily bonus and with the help of these you can earn thousands of rupees.


Feature Of Teen Patti Master App

Feature Of Teen Patti Master App

आइए साथियों आपको बताते हैं Teen Patti Master APK के ऐसे कौन कौन से फीचर्स है जिसकी वजह से लोग इस Application को ज्यादा पसंद कर रहे हैं। इस Application के सबसे बेस्ट फीचर्स आपको नीचे दिए गए हैं।

Customer Support

Customer support is very important in any teen patti application. Because sometimes it happens we get to see some problem inside the application. In such a situation, if there is only a customer care support system, then you will not be able to get a solution to that problem. Teen Patti Master APK’s customer care system responds promptly to you and helps you find and resolve your issues.

Multiple games

The best thing that I found inside Teen Patti Master APK is that Teen Patti Master APK is offering multiple games to all its customers. The biggest advantage of multiple games is that you do not feel boring in it. If ever you are playing a game and get bored with it then you can play another game immediately. The more games are given inside this application, the more you will get the chance to earn money.

Free Bonus

Inside this application, we are given many such tasks, by completing which we can win a free bonus of thousands of rupees.

Fast Cash Withdraw

There are many teen patti games from which we earn a lot of money, but when we transfer that money to our bank account, there is a big problem. You get fast withdrawal system inside Teen Patti Master APK. This is a system in which the payment reaches your bank account within 5 minutes of making the payment.

Refer And Earn Money

In this application, along with playing the game, you can also earn money by sharing this game with more people. This application gives you a lot of commission and bonus on sharing, about which we will tell you later.

Available Games in Teen Patti Master APK

Available Games in Teen Patti Master APK

Friends, we told you above that inside Teen Patti Master APK, we are provided with multiple game offers, with the help of which we can play many games. It must be coming in your mind that what game options will you get to play? You can search the name of your favorite game in the list given below.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Point Rummy
  3. 7 up Down
  4. Jhandi Munda
  5. Red vs Black
  6. 3patti war
  7. Slots
  8. Bikini paradise
  9. Wingo lottery
  10. Andar bahar
  11. Dragon vs tiger
  12. Car roulette
  13. Fishing war
  14. Candy party
  15. Golden India
  16. Baccarat AB
  17. AK47 teen Patti

How To Download Teen Patti Master App


Let us now know how to download this application. If you are thinking about downloading this application from Google Play Store, then you are thinking absolutely wrong because you will not find this application there.

You can follow the steps given below to download this application in less time.

How To Create In Teen Patti Master App

How To Create In Teen Patti Master App

Congratulations friends, you have successfully downloaded Teen Patti Master APK by the method we told you above. Now it is the turn to create an account inside this application. To create an account, you just have to follow some small steps and in 5 minutes your account will be ready.

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Master App

Friends, if you play any of the games you are being given to play inside this application, then you will have to pay a charge for that. For this, you can add money from your bank account on Teen Patti Master APK. We are telling below in very easy words how to add money.

How To Cash Withdraw In Teen Patti Master App

Friends, now we will tell you how to transfer all the income you will have inside Teen Patti Master APK to your bank account?

Gullak Bonus Features In Master 3 Patti APK

Friends, if you play on Teen Patti Master APK and win the game, then you get a lot of money. But even if you lose the game, you get 10 percent bonus. This bonus gets deposited in your gullak account. When your ₹ 15 is completed, you can transfer this money to your bank account.

7 Daily Rewards Bonus In 3 Patti Master APK

This is also a great feature. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is login to TeenPatti Master APK daily. Every day when you login, you will get some or the other bonus. On the last day of the week, you will get the total bonus which you can transfer to your bank account.

Card Bonus Feature

You can get benefit of thousands of rupees in card bonus feature but you will have to invest some more money in this. If you invest ₹500 in 1 week, you get ₹660 on the 7th day. In this way, if you invest ₹ 3000 inside the Monthly Card in 1 month, then you get ₹ 4000 on the last day of the month.

Get Free Bonus Rs-100

Get Free Bonus Rs-100

Inside this application, you can get a bonus of ₹ 100 absolutely free. For this you just have to complete a small task. You have to share the link of Teen Patti Master APK with two of your friends and ask them to download this application. When he downloads this application and creates his account in it, then you have to invite him to play the game. If your friends complete an income of ₹ 50 by playing the game, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 100 absolutely free.


Friends, that’s all for today. Today in this article we have told you about Teen Patti Master APK. We told you what is Teen Patti Master APK? How to download Teen Patti Master APK? How to create account in Teen Patti Master APK? I hope you have got the answers to all the questions related to Teen Patti Master APK. If you want to get more latest information like this, then stay connected with us. Thank you very much for giving your valuable time.